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Switcher is the #1 broadband comparison and switching service in Ireland.

Switcher is a CER accredited website and is a highly trusted brand among the energy world. The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) endorses the Switcher website as an independent, impartial and correct source of information for consumers to use when searching for accurate comparisons of Irish energy suppliers.

Switcher launched in January 2013, to help Irish households save money on their regular bills. Using the latest pricing figures from product/services providers in Ireland, our experienced industry experts are constantly on the hunt for money-saving deals for our customers.

Switcher helps thousands of households save money on their utility bills every month.

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Switcher offer commissions up to €10 for a single energy switch. The Switcher energy service is completely free, there is plenty of opportunity to earn with Switcher’s partner program.

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