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ComReg's latest report highlights Ireland's cheapest broadband providers

The report is based on data from October to December 2016.

ComReg’s latest report into trends in the Irish Communications Market came out yesterday.

There’s loads of interesting information in it about the numbers of fixed broadband subscriptions (up 3.9% in the year) and how we’re doing most of our talking (over 75% is now done on mobile).

But amongst all of that data, there are also some stats on pricing which could help if you’re thinking about switching broadband provider.

Ireland’s Cheapest Broadband Providers

Broadband with an advertised download speed of over 30Mbps

Provider Plan Name Up to speed Price per month  
Vodafone Simply Broadband 100Mb €40 Compare now
Digiweb Home Fibre Broadband and off-peak calls 100Mb €44.34* Compare now
Virgin Media 240Mb Anytime World 240Mb €49.44* Compare now

Source: ComReg Q4 2016 Quarterly Key Data Report. *These prices include set-up costs spread over the contract.

As set out in the table above, ComReg has noted that Vodafone’s Simply Broadband is the best value plan for speeds over 30Mbps.

This tallies with independent customer research carried out for Switcher.ie, which saw Vodafone take home the title of ‘Best Value Home Broadband’ at the Switcher.ie Broadband Awards 2017.

Broadband with an advertised download speed less than 30Mbps

For fixed broadband where the advertised download speed is lower than 30Mbps, the ComReg report says Digiweb offers the cheapest tariff.

Digiweb’s Home Broadband offers speeds up to 24Mb and costs €29.95 per month.

The best broadband deals

The ComReg report does not take into account service availability in particular areas, so if you’re looking for a new broadband deal, you will need to check availability in your own area.

Switcher.ie’s free broadband deal checker is easy to use, and you’ll be able to quickly find the best deal for you.

You can read the ComReg report in full here.