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Digiweb helps pensioners overcome telephone allowance cut in Budget 2014

New Digiweb goodwill initiative helps to reduce the burden of €114 telephone allowance cut in Budget 2014

Today Irish broadband and home phone provider Digiweb announced it will step up to help people affected by the termination of the telephone allowance in Budget 2014.

It is estimated that about 300,000 pensioners will be directly affected by the Governments decision to scrap the telephone allowance.

Digiweb has promised to offer a monthly credit of €9.50 to people living in areas where the company’s service is available to make up for the loss of the telephone allowance.

Both current customers and new customers who switch to Digiweb’s telephone service will be eligible for €9.50 credit (which includes VAT).

Declan Campbell, MD of Consumer Operations and Services at Digiweb said: “Having listened to the people affected by the Budget, Digiweb have made a decision to immediately offer affected people the €114 that the Budget has taken from them.

“As a telecommunications company we absolutely understand the importance of being able to keep in touch. After last Tuesday’s budget, this is going to be very difficult for many people to do. So we felt this was the right thing to do.”

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