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Digiweb set to expand the availability of their broadband services

More availability and choice for broadband consumers as Digiweb make investment to enhance their broadband network

Five regions in Ireland are set to receive a boost in high speed broadband internet availability, thanks to a large investment by Digiweb.

Due to high public demand, the telecommunications company has doubled their capacity in Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda, Limerick and Letterkenny.

Digiweb’s CEO, Colm Piercy said “Our commitment to continued investment in Digiweb’s own leading networks ensures that more and more consumers and businesses have access to high quality, secure internet connectivity.”

The investment will put the infrastructure in place for an increase in high speed broadband connections. This in turn means that the businesses and people in the five regions will have more options for high quality services and connections.

The building work has already started and the cables are being installed. The whole project is due to be finished, fully commissioned and in use by June 2013.

Digiweb aims to provide cost effective options for business in the developed areas. Offering high quality, lower cost replacements for their old ISDN and PBX phone system connections.

By offering an independent infrastructure, they can develop a network which encourages an increase in competition for the services and therefore lower customer prices.

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