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eir says 68% of homes and buildings now have access to fibre

The company says that 1.9 million homes and businesses - or over 80% of all premises in Ireland - will have access to high-speed broadband by the end of 2018.

This morning, eir released its results for the quarter to the end of September, and the information in it about the company’s fibre broadband rollout is pretty interesting.

Already, 68% of premises have access to fibre technologies, and eir says that this will rise to 80% by the end of 2018. The company says that 34,000 homes and business now have access to Fibre-To-The-Home broadband.

Broadband speeds

However, there’s only a 29% take-up by customers of high-speed broadband. This is surprising, given that speed is listed by consumers as one of the most important factors when they’re choosing their broadband package, coming second only to price.

If you’re interested in a new broadband package, eir offers unlimited 100Mb broadband both as a standalone product and in bundles with TV, phone, or both.

Prices for its eir Vision TV Essential & Broadband + eir Sport bundle start at €30 per month for the first 6 months, going up to €85 per month after that.

eir Sport

The launch of eir Sport in July was huge news for eir.

All eir broadband customers now get access to the eir Sport pack - which includes eir Sport 1 and 2, BT Sport 1, 2 and 3 and BT Sport ESPN - for free. Any UFC fans may be interested to know that eir Sport has exclusive rights to Conor McGregor versus Eddie Alvarez in New York on 12 November.

And eir’s TV offering, eir Vision is doing well, too, with customer numbers up 8%.

Get access to eir Sport now

eir’s future

Speaking today, Richard Moat, eir’s CEO said that the company is “focussed on providing products and services that enhance everyday business and personal interactions” and added that customer service improvements are “a key strategic priority for the business”.

He outlined the company’s commitment to fibre, saying: “We are firmly committed to our investment in fibre, particularly our rural 300,000 rollout programme which will be completed by the end of 2018. This means 1.9m homes and businesses, or over 80% of all premises in Ireland, will have access to high-speed broadband in just over two years.

“To date, we have spent €415 million on our fibre network passing 68% of Irish premises, and a total of €1.3 billion on investment in the past three years. Our complementary mobile infrastructure, offering high-speed mobile data is available to 88% of the population.”