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eircom report reveals digital habits of Irish consumers

The latest eircom bi-annual Household Sentiment Survey highlights changing trends with TV viewing in Ireland

The latest in-depth survey from eircom, of over 1,100 Irish people has uncovered some fascinating findings about the nation and their TV viewing habits.

Among the most interesting findings is that ‘bingeing’ is firmly on the rise.

This emerging trend is defined as the process whereby people watch hours and hours of their favourite TV show back to back.

Dubliners were comfortably the biggest ‘bingers’ from those surveyed, as 51% of those within the capital admitted to watching TV in this manner compared to 36% across the rest of the country.

TV viewing via Tablets and Smartphones

The eircom survey also indicated that the growth of digital devices is also clear within the whole country, as both tablet and Smartphone ownership has increased.

Tablet ownership has grown by 16% within the last year, up from 25% to 41%. The number of Smartphone owners has increased by 11% in the same period, with 64% of eircom survey respondents saying they currently own a Smartphone.

It was also interesting to note how people use technology in the home based on the survey findings, with the results below showing clear signs in this regard:

  • 66% (1.9 million) are using online media
  • 47% (1.6 million) now shop online
  • 42% (718,000) of workers check their email from home
  • 19% (674,000) play games online

Lisa Comerford, Consumer Marketing Director at eircom, was notably enthusiastic about what value the eircom Household Sentiment Survey (eHSS) can have.

“The eHSS gives us unprecedented and genuine insights into what Irish customers want from their technology – and it very much mirrors what we see on the ground and underpins the new services we offer, such as eVision Video on demand which was launched last week.

“Understanding what consumers want to do, in and outside the home, enables us to provide services like our superfast fibre broadband as we know the internet is now being accessed daily everywhere.”

Clinical Psychologist David Coleman also commented on the results. “Watching live TV on a traditional TV set is still the norm for most Irish adults up and down the country, as people relax and unwind the old fashioned way.

“However, that is also juxtaposed with a whole new TV phenomenon – the rise of ‘TV bingeing’ – which is symptomatic of people’s busy lifestyles and their desire to choose what they want to see, how they want it and when they want it,” added Coleman.

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