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eircom to axe MusicHub from July 31st

eircom announces the withdrawal of MusicHub as the music streaming and download service is “not a core business activity”

Broadband and home phone provider, eircom will shut down MusicHub after July 31st in order to concentrate on its super-fast broadband service.

The company claims that it is withdrawing the service because it is not central to the business. It was announced on the company’s website that; “eircom Group has taken the decision to withdraw our MusicHub service as it is not a core business activity. eircom will continue to focus on delivering super-fast next-generation technologies to our fixed and mobile customers”.

eircom MusicHub was introduced in 2010 in association with large record labels, including EMI, Warner, Universal, and Sony, to encourage users to share music legally.

eircom had committed to the “three strikes and you’re out” rule, in which users caught sharing files illegally would receive a series of warnings from the company, followed by disconnection of their broadband services, for not complying.

The no-hassle download set-up of the service was designed to appeal to customers’ desire for ease of use, so that they would consider it as a viable alternative to illegal file-sharing.

The value added service boasted “access to millions of songs from a massive catalogue of artists across every major genre of music.” It offered streaming and downloadable music comparable in price to iTunes.

The termination of the service will not affect the company’s compliance with the “three-strikes rule”. eircom has urged customers to use up any credits or top-up value before July 30th.

Download credits not used up by this point will be void. eircom said that any downloads that customers have made will still be available after July 31, but playlists will not be kept.

Subscription payments were stopped as of June 30th. The termination of MusicHub will not affect users’ contracts with eircom.

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