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ESRI study finds broadband and mobile customers who have never switched are really resistant to doing so

This is despite the huge savings that can be made by switching

The ESRI has analysed data from a 2015 RedC survey commissioned by ComReg to produce a new report which looks at the characteristics that might make consumers more or less likely to switch.

The report found that people who have been with a company a long time and who have never switched before are exceptionally resistant to switching. This means that a huge group of consumers - around half of broadband and mobile phone users - are missing out on massive savings.

The ESRI says that for many people, a dramatic signal seems to be needed to make switching an option, such as the shock of receiving an unexpectedly high bill or believing that particularly large savings might be available

At the moment, there are savings of over €500 for someone switching to a new broadband, TV and phone deal, and switching to a SIM-only mobile plan could save you hundreds of euro, too - so it’s clear that there are definitely significant savings to be made.

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The ESRI also says that loyalty to particular providers, and a worry about making a mistake, could also be contributing to an unwillingness to switch. This ties in with research from Switcher.ie which shows that fear factors - like not wanting to get tied into a contract, or worry about a loss in service - stop six in 10 consumers from switching.

The ESRI says its results show that Ireland has a core of ‘inert’ non-switchers who are likely to stay that way for a long time unless policy or something in the market changes. The danger is that these consumers may be left on relatively expensive tariffs or with lower quality service than consumers who are willing to switch.

If you’re someone who hasn’t switched in a while, you will make huge savings by doing so. And you could get a better service - such as faster broadband speeds, or a larger data allowance - too.

Switching is really straightforward. Our guide to switching broadband can help you through the process, and if you’re not sure about what kind of deal is right for you, you can get started with our guide to choosing the right broadband plan.

Switching energy, broadband and mobile plan could save you well over €1,000, so what are you waiting for?

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