Googles WiFi devices and smartphone with WiFi app

Google has launched its WiFi devices in Ireland

The devices are available in stores across the country.

Earlier today, Google launched its Google Wifi devices in Ireland, promising that they’ll deliver fast Wi-Fi in every room and on every device.

The idea is that the devices replace your traditional router - individual units can be linked together to ensure strong coverage throughout your entire home.

How does Google WiFi work?

With Google Wifi, you can connect multiple Wifi points in different rooms throughout your home to ensure strong signal everywhere.

You just need to plug one device into the modem supplied by your broadband provider, then connect the additional units in other rooms where they spread the signal using a technology called a ‘WiFi mesh’.

Google WiFi also has intelligent software called Network Assist built in to all devices that helps you make the most of your connection by:

  • automatically placing you on the clearest Wi-Fi channel,
  • choosing the optimal Wi-Fi band for your device, and
  • seamlessly transitioning from point to point as you walk throughout your house.

It will also let you know if there are easy ways to improve your broadband performance - for example, it will tell you if you could get faster broadband speeds by moving a WiFi point to a new location.

On top of this, the Google WiFi app allows you to see what devices are online and how much bandwidth they’re consuming, and you can also prioritise a device to make sure it gets the fastest speeds if you wish.

You can even limit WiFi access to specified devices, and pause signal at certain times. This could come in handy for parents who want their children to switch off at bed-time.

Where can I buy these Google WiFi devices, and how much do they cost?

You can pick up Google WiFi at Expert Electrical, Harvey Norman, Powercity, DID Electrical, Soundstore, and Currys PC World.

In terms of cost, one Google WiFi device will set you back €139 - this will work well for homes of up to 900 square feet.

If you have a larger home - up to 2,700 square feet - it’s recommended that you go for the three-pack, which costs €359.

Is Google WiFi worth the investment?

Those prices might seem steep, but so far the reviews of this product have been really positive. If you live in a large home and struggle with broadband signal in certain areas of the house, it could be the answer to your problems.

Commenting on the launch, Google Wifi Product Manager, Sanjay Noronha, said it was “designed from the ground up to address the modern ways we surf the web”.

He added: “Google Wifi is the ideal companion to the modern user’s home surfing requirements.”