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If I call Sky, can I get a better deal on my TV and broadband?

It does seem to be possible...

Frequently, when posts about new offers from Sky, or other providers, existing customers of these providers get in touch to say they’re paying significantly more than the offer price.

These customers feel hard done by, because they have been loyal customers for years and feel they don’t get the benefit of any offers - but they’re really happy with the service, and so switching to a new provider is not an option.

It is definitely true to say that, generally, the biggest discounts on plans are available for new customers. However, many customers say they have visited Sky’s website, or phoned Sky - for example - and been offered a good deal on add-ons to their existing plan.

How do I get a retention deal from Sky?

First of all, review your current plan, and see what parts you’re happy with it, what you might like to change, and what possible add-ons you might like.

Then, you can call Sky on 0818 904 096 and see what offers they currently have available for existing customers. If you’d rather not call, you can also find existing Sky customer offers on, or on Sky’s own website.

Remember, a better deal could potentially mean an upgrade. Often, Sky will offer discounted deals for existing TV customers who want to add on broadband, or vice versa. Or you could get the option to add on Sky Sports or Sky Cinema at a discounted rate.

Should I switch providers?

If you don’t get an offer you’re happy with, you may be left with no alternative but to switch providers. There are some really good deals out there at the moment, and regularly switching is the only way to guarantee you’re getting the lowest prices.

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