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Introducing Virgin TV - and TV deals that can save you €80

Horizon is being replaced by Virgin TV.

January is a time of change for lots of us, and none more so than Virgin Media this year, as they’ve undergone a rebrand of their TV offering.

Out with Horizon, and in with Virgin TV

Horizon TV is gone, and will now be called Virgin TV, while My Prime will be known as Virgin Movies and Boxsets.

The Horizon Go app will also be replaced by Virgin TV Anywhere, which allows you to watch TV on your smart device anywhere, and anytime.

TV deals, saving you up to €80

In terms of the rebranded TV-only deals, the Virgin Full House TV plan includes:

  • 100+ channels, with 24 of them in HD;
  • Access to the Virgin TV Anywhere app, which allows customers to watch TV on the go;
  • The ability to record 4 TV shows and watch a 5th live;
  • Virgin Movies & Box Sets; and
  • Exclusive Replay TV.

This plan normally costs €35 per month, but Virgin Media is offering €20 off for 4 months, meaning you get all this for just €15 per month.

Meanwhile, Virgin Mix TV comes with all of the same benefits as the Virgin Full House TV plan, however the channel selection is smaller, with 50+ channels, and 16 in HD.

This plan costs €10 per month for the first 4 months, and €30 thereafter.

Both of these plans give you a saving of €80 over the year, so if you’re looking for a new TV deal, take a closer look and see if either of these works for you.

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