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Magnet Voice launch aims to enhance business communications

New Irish Cloud PBX system allows users to take the functionality of office phones to anywhere in the world

Magnet has announced the launch of Magnet Voice which aims to transform business communications via a wide range of new services.

It means businesses can access their phone system from anywhere in the world, through a handset, laptop or Magnet Voice Smartphone app.

The concept is scalable so it can be used for individual or business use and it means a mobile workforce still has access to its office communications.

Magnet’s application is available on both iOS and Android, meaning anyone with access to a Smartphone can take advantage of the services.

For businesses with more than one office, Cloud PBX can link them together, while calls between those branches will then be free.

Cloud PBX is a high-spec phone system that replaces the need for a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system, meaning multiple calling parameters are then available.

Magnet Voice means an office phone number is available anywhere in the world, as long as the business is using the service offered by the high speed broadband provider.

It is delivered over a new or existing broadband connection and ensures 24-hour access to the phone system from any given location.

Through Magnet Voice, mobile and landline features are available in one package, while features can be customised to suit any individual company.

It boosts flexibility and virtually removes the need for a business to manage its own communication infrastructure.

Magnet will manage the account in the cloud, leaving businesses free to focus on other aspects such as marketing and sales.

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