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Onwave launches new SES satellite broadband products

Consumers in Ireland can now take advantage of new and expanded satellite broadband offerings. onwave has launched a new range of SES satellite broadband packages, which are dedicated to offering more choice and value for customers.

The new SES packages make use of an alternative satellite system and provide a range of benefits to customers such as accessibility from all parts of Ireland as well as a static IP address as standard.

This means that customers can use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) which will allow them to remotely access applications such as live video feeds and security cameras even from abroad.

The onwave SES broadband deals range from €29.95 for the basic SES S package, up as far as €54.95 for the SES XL package. Unlimited night time traffic can also be purchased for €10.00 per month which gives customers access to unlimited downloads from between 11pm and 7am.

SES broadband features:

  • Up to 20Mb browsing speeds
  • Up to 2Mb upload speeds
  • Up to 20Gb download allowance
  • Static IP address as standard

onwave has also improved their existing Tooway products, aiming to offer more value for money. Tooway packages now include speeds of up to 22Mb, an increase of 2Mb on their previous offerings. These packages now range from €22.95 for the Tooway 2 plan, up as far as the Tooway Extra package which costs €99.95 and includes a 100Gb download allowance along with unlimited night time traffic from between 12am and 6am.

Tooway broadband features:

  • Up to 22Mb browsing speeds
  • Up to 6Mb upload speeds
  • Up to 100Gb download allowance
  • Unlimited night time traffic

All of onwave’s satellite broadband packages come with a 24 month contract and aim to make broadband access available to homes across Ireland, including the most rural areas, which would otherwise be beyond the reach of cable or ADSL broadband providers.

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