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Pure Telecom finds 36% of people would scrap their TV licence

Research found that as streaming channels continue to roll out their own top quality TV series and movies, people are reconsidering their annual €160 fee.

New research, conducted on behalf of Irish broadband provider Pure Telecom, has unearthed some interesting statistics, indicating that 36% of Irish adults would abandon their TV licence, opting instead for online TV streaming services.

This number is even higher for the younger generation, with 43% of millennials stating that they would consider swapping out their TV licenses for internet-based programming.

In fact, the growth of online streaming services has seen a 23% drop-off in TV subscriptions in Ireland in the last 5 years, and 37% of people intend to cancel their paid TV contracts in the next five years as they view more internet-reliant TV and video.

With online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime growing hugely in popularity, it’s not surprising to see that 88% of adults with a fixed-line broadband connection stream video content – increasing to 95% for millennials.

The growth of these services has meant that these companies can invest in top quality, exclusive content. Plus, their monthly subscription is a fraction of the price of traditional TV subscription. These are some of the reasons why 51% of people surveyed ranked streamed and internet-reliant TV ahead of paid and free-to-air TV.

However, before you ditch the TV licence, remember that you are still required to purchase one if you have a TV in your home, regardless of what you’re using it for. If your TV is capable of receiving programming, whether or not you’re receiving it, you’ll need a TV licence.

A licence is also required for viewing the content of any TV provider on a laptop or monitor. This includes the use of apps such as Sky Go, or similar websites that live-stream TV.

Remember, if you don’t have a TV licence when you require one, you could end up in court with a helfy €1,000 fine.

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