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Pure Telecom's broadband and phone customer base grew by 25% in 2016

This brings total customer numbers to 42,500.

This morning, Pure Telecom reported on its growth in 2016 and outlined its plans for the coming years.

In 2016, the company gained 10,000 customers, bringing its customer base up 25% to 42,500 in total.

And now the Irish-owned telecoms provider says it is aiming to more than double this in the next three years - to a total of 100,000 customers.

According to Paul Connell, director and co-founder of Pure Telecom, amongst the factors that will contribute to the company’s growth are acquisition of other telecommunications companies, “competitive wins” and overall market growth.

Connell predicts that the landline will make a “comeback” this year, as more people have them installed to enable high-speed broadband.

In fact, Pure Telecom says that 25% of their sales in recent months have been new line installations.

On top of the landline, another prediction for next year is that consumers will cancel their cable TV connection in favour of high-speed fixed-line broadband to watch streaming media services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Growth to date and plans for the future

Speaking about the growth to date and the plans for the future, Connell said 2016 was Pure Telecom’s most successful year to date.

He added: “As we move towards the rollout of the National Broadband Plan and as margins continue to tighten in the industry, we expect to see more consolidation.

“The larger players will look to sweep up smaller broadband and telecoms companies in order to capitalise on increased demand as more premises become connected to fibre. It is going to be all about national scale and reach.”

In this context, the company will be looking at “selective acquisition of smaller broadband and telecommunications companies”, which would allow them the scale to continue to offer the “most competitive packages on the market”.

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