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Sky+ app allows Sky customers to transform TV into photo albums

Sky customers can show off their holiday snaps using their TV thanks to an updated Sky+ app that enables images to be beamed onto the big screen.

Images can be shown with just a few clicks, removing the need to crowd around a small screen to view them, while customers no longer need wires, SD cards or memory sticks either.

Voice-over technology in the Sky+ app also aims to improve the experience for those who are blind or partially sighted.

Improving the experience for Sky customers

Ann-Marie MacKay, Sky Ireland’s Director of Products, said the updated app was an improvement on the previous version that Sky customers had loved.

“The photo viewing function lets you simply, quickly and easily view photos on your TV via a connected Sky+HD box without the need for any extra devices,” she explained.

“It’s all part of our commitment to make Sky+ the ultimate entertainment experience.”

How the Sky+ app works

The new app will mirror the Sky+ Homepage and will feature Smart Series Link and New & Recommended sections to boost the customer experience.

In order to use the app, Sky customers need to connect their device to the same WiFi as their Sky+HD box and a camera icon will appear in the navigation bar.

Clicking the camera icon will transform a TV into a photo album, offering the chance to see separate images or to set up a slideshow.

The Sky+ app gives customers the chance to manage their Sky+ box from any location – allowing for the management, recording and downloading of content.

New features from Sky

The broadband and digital TV provider is also enhancing the customer experience by introducing several new features.

A New & Recommended section showcases some of the latest and most popular shows that Sky customers may want to watch, while a Sports shortcut will highlight any upcoming live events.

The Smart Series Link command will also automatically record the next series of any show that is set to record on a series basis on the Sky box.

Support for the blind and partially sighted

Sky has worked closely with the RNIB to optimise the new Sky+ app for people who are blind or partially sighted, by introducing voice-over technology for iOS and Android devices.

This will enable customers to browse the TV guides, record current and future programming, view their planner and download content as all text on screen will be read out.

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