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Sky+ app to offer customers content on the go

Sky TV customers can now download On Demand shows to their Sky+HD box from anywhere in the world

Sky customers will now have the ability to download their favourite On Demand TV programmes directly to their Sky+HD box, regardless of where they are.

With the Sky+ app, customers will be able to access programmes and movies on their smartphone or tablet without having to pay any extra.

Over 2 million downloads and counting of Sky apps such as the Sky News app and the Sky Sports News app across Ireland is a testament to their emerging popularity.

Mark Anderson, Sky Ireland’s Director of Sales and Marketing, picked up on this theme when looking at the influence that the Sky app has had across the country.

“In October alone across Ireland and the UK, over 2.4 million shows were set to record using the Sky+ app. The way our customers are watching TV is changing and with On Demand becoming much more popular, the latest update to the Sky+ app will provide customers with easier access to the service whenever and wherever they are,” stated Anderson.

The power to take charge of your Sky+ box regardless of where you are in the world probably underlines why the Sky+ app is so popular.

As well as offering you the chance to browse the TV guide, the app gives you the option to discover new shows and set your Sky+HD box to record at home.

Sky’s assertion that the way people are “watching TV is changing” pinpoints a trend that applies to the way in which we use various devices.

Tailoring their services to Smartphones and tablets as much as possible ties in to the idea of giving Sky TV customers a greater depth of choice overall.

The process of acquiring the new features is also relatively easy. Once your Sky+HD box is equipped with the latest software you can download the updated Sky+ app, check the connection between both devices via Wi-Fi and you are good to go.

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