Three TVs with Sky Plus planner interface

Sky improves Sky+ TV guide to enhance digital offering

Finding favourite shows just got easier for Sky TV customers

An updated version of the Sky+ TV guide is now available, making it easier for Sky TV customers to find all of their favourite shows.

The Sky Planner has been simplified so navigation is straightforward and more instinctive while the most recent recordings now appear at the top of the first page, not the end.

Enhancing the usability of the Sky+ TV guide

A new Scheduled page features any upcoming programmes that are being recorded onto a Sky+ HD box alongside any Smart Series Links.

It will be possible to delete an entire series of programming or a box-set in one go thanks to a ‘Delete All’ function on the new Sky Planner which will also feature theatrical trailers for hundreds of movies on Sky Movies and Sky Store, designed to make choosing TV programming an easier process.

After working closely with the RNIB, an accessible setting that aids partially sighted customers will be available to enable them to increase colour contrast and bold lettering.

Enhanced security features

Family settings with Sky+ will enable customers to hide all adult channels while pin protecting all pre-watershed content that carries a 12 rating or higher.

These settings also apply to On Demand content and anything purchased via the Sky Store, meaning youngsters cannot access anything they shouldn’t on the new Sky+ TV guide.

The final change means Eco Mode is now 50% longer and a Sky+HD box will now automatically switch off between the hours of 2.45am and 5.45am to save energy.

Ann-Marie MacKay, Director of Products and Customer Growth at Sky Ireland, said the changes have been made with customers’ interests at heart. 

She added that further improvements will occur later in 2015, including a function that allows Sky TV customers to return to the start of a movie if they missed the beginning.

The updates will be rolled out to compatible Sky+ HD boxes between now and the end of June and will update automatically as long as the box is broadband connected.

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