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Sky launch new TV guide interface

Sky’s electronic programme guide launches a new homepage in the most significant change to the system since its introduction

Sky is giving its classic electronic programme guide (EPG) a facelift this year, with Sky Ireland customers treated to a new homepage.

Part of Sky’s plans to upgrade and enhance their service this year, Sky+HD customers will benefit from an enhanced display screen which brings all of their favourite content together in one place.

One screen, plenty of options

Sky TV channels, On Demand services, Sky Store and Catch Up TV will all be available on a single home screen so that customers can access the content they want quickly and easily.

Sky customers will also benefit from an enhanced search function that will allow them to browse for content by title, actor, event, sport, Sky TV channel or keyword with results collated using real-time search data.

Considering that the service currently processes 1 million daily searches, this means a more efficient and faster service for all Sky TV customers.

Connecting the home

According to Sky’s TV Products Brand Director, Luke Bradley-Jones, the purpose of these upgrades is to help build a connected home where TV and the Internet work together seamlessly.

“The new home page is a really important innovation, putting Sky+ at the heart of the connected home,” he said.

As one of the largest connected TV providers in the UK and Ireland, Sky has a large amount of customers who already connect their TV to the Internet in order to make the most of Sky’s complete media offerings – giving these updates a wide audience to target.

Their EPG was launched as far back as 1998 and these recently announced changes are the most significant upgrades to occur since its introduction.

Commenting at the launch, Mark Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sky Ireland says, “Our new Homepage means it’s now much easier to quickly find what you want, when you want to watch it – whether that’s the big Premier League clash or catching up on Game of Thrones.”

A bright future

The TV provider will also provide a wide range of new icons on the homepage. These will include the classic TV Guide, Planner and Catch Up TV services as well as archives of new series and TV box-sets. On Demand services for popular shows and movies, an enhanced search function and the Sky Store will also be included in the single screen display.

In addition to this, Sky is also planning further upgrades later in the year. This will include smarter recommendations for Sky+HD customers with previous downloads and recordings used to suggest relevant programmes.

All Sky+ HD customers in Ireland will be able to use the new homepage by the end of May this year.

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