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Sky launches new Sky+HD 2TB boxes for fashion-conscious

New limited edition designer boxes include Wi-Fi and storage for 350 hours of On Demand TV

Sky has teamed up with a host of well-known fashion designers to create a set of limited edition Sky+HD 2TB boxes in the run up to Christmas.

Roland Mouret, Giles Deacon, Sophie Dahl and men’s fashion star Kit Neale have all designed a box based on their favourite genre.

The new Sky+HD 2TB boxes will have built-in Wi-Fi, allowing easy access to on-demand content including a whole host of box-sets and movies at no extra cost.

They are capable of holding up to 350 hours of HD TV, enhancing the offerings of the Sky On Demand service. In total the new boxes can  up to six times more personal storage than Sky’s regular Sky+ HD box.

Each box is designed to bring to life the nation’s love of TV and to provide easier access to everyone’s favourite shows such as The Wire and Falling Skies.

Mark Anderson, Sky Ireland’s Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “To celebrate our new Sky+HD 2TB box with built-in Wi-Fi, we wanted to bring to life the content now available On Demand.

“The service offers something for everyone including romantic and magical drama, a host of Disney movies and fascinating nature documentaries.”

Roland Mouret said his design focuses on “colourful splashes of passion” and is an attempt to bring out the magic of TV.

“I love the idea of magic.” he said. “I love how a woman can put on a dress and transform herself into something completely new.

“For me, the Sky box has the same magical quality, the ability to take us out of our world and transport us to somewhere dangerous and exciting.”

Sophie Dahl said she took inspiration from Cecil Beaton and Chanel when creating her box design.

“It was their fashion illustrations that were the inspiration for my Sky box: the rose, something sweet and playful that conjures romance,” she explained.

Kit Neale said his childhood roots had played an important role when designing his Sky box and he highlighted a love of David Attenborough nature documentaries as helping him to think up a design.

“I’m a real city boy, born and bred,” he explained. “I love city life, especially London but I don’t get to see the countryside very often. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated by nature and the outdoors.

“Nature is cool, it’s bizarre and it’s colourful. Hopefully, that comes across in my design.”

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