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Sky Media Ireland adds Investigation Discovery to channel portfolio

Sky viewers will be able to enjoy the crime channel's unique brand of storytelling from 1 July 2014

Investigation Discovery (ID) joins the Sky family of channels and is to feature dedicated Irish advertisement feeds.

The channel enjoys a large following thanks to its engaging narratives and immersive presentations of complicated criminal cases and notorious outlaws.

As it dabbles in the psychology of criminal minds and the details of real and fictitious investigations, ID stands on the cutting edge of crime show entertainment.

With 162 million viewers across the globe, it is currently one of the UK’s fastest growing channels and makes a powerful acquisition for Sky.

With a wide array of sports, entertainment, documentary, music, and children’s programming, Sky Media Ireland looks to add more variety to strengthen its brand positioning.

ID is joining the ranks of well-known channels such as Sky1, Sky Atlantic, MTV, Dave, Sky Sports 1 & 2, Sky News, Discovery Channel, TLC and Nickelodeon.

Sales Director Richard Kelly emphasised the appeal ID holds for Sky’s advertising partners. He commented: “ID offers Irish advertisers increased choice and value in a changing market”.

This is not the first Discovery product which Sky Media  brings to Ireland as ID joins the Discovery Channel and TLC which already operate under Sky’s management.

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