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Sky offers TV and movie viewing on-the-go with Sky Go Extra

Sky subscribers in Ireland now have more access to TV and movie content then ever before

Bolstering its reputation for delivering cutting-edge service, Sky has just launched a new service which will allow Sky Ireland subscribers to carry their favourite movies and TV shows right in their pocket.

The new service, known as Sky Go Extra, allows users to download content straight to their mobile device to watch wherever they are – even without an internet connection.

The subscription service costs €6 a month for Sky Ireland customers, and will let users to download and watch content on their device for up to 30 days. The existing service is free for customers, and enables online-only streaming of live TV and on-demand content on up to two devices.

The new enhanced service offers this and more: including the ability to download and watch blockbuster movies like Skyfall and Avengers Assemble just six months after their original release.

It also allows users to register up to four devices to enjoy their content on. Customers can also choose from 43 different TV channels, including favourites like Nickelodeon and Sky Atlantic.

The content you’ll be able to access depends on your package, but the new service is great news for busy commuters – freeing them up from the need to be persistently connected to the web.

On long train journeys, when internet connectivity can be patchy, a service like Sky Go Extra can be a godsend: offering seamless playback with no chance of the dreaded ‘buffering’.

With nearly 81% of Irish commuters using their mobile device during their daily commute – according to a recent survey – there’s certainly a huge market for this service to tap into.

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