The Sky Q app interface on a tablet and smartphone

Sky Q customers can take their recordings wherever they go with new app

The app is available via the App Store and Google Play.

Sky has just launched the new Sky Q smartphone app , which allows customers to watch their favourite TV on their mobile.

Where can I get the Sky Q app and what features does it have?

The Sky Q app can be downloaded to compatible Android and Apple devices. In order to access the app, customers need to have a Sky Q box, Sky TV and Sky Q subscriptions.

Once customers have the app, they can enjoy a whole host of features, such as the ability to:

  • download recordings to their phone whilst at home and then watch them when they’re out and about, without the need for internet connection;
  • stream live and On-Demand programmes on their phone;
  • manage recordings and downloads to the Sky Q box when out and about; and
  • quickly and easily find shows they didn’t manage to finish - or the next episode in a series they’re watching - via the app whilst at home.

This is the first time that Sky Q customers will be able to access their downloaded recordings, browse Top Picks, and stream live and On Demand shows on their phone when they’re out and about.

Sky Q as standard with Sky TV plans

The Sky Q 1TB box now comes as standard with all Sky TV packages. This box allows customers to record three shows and watch a fourth live, and store up to 500 hours of TV.

In addition, for an extra €16 per month, customers can access Sky Q Multiscreen, which allows customers to watch Sky TV in another room with a Sky Q Mini Box.

Sky Q Multiscreen allows allows customers to pause TV on their main TV and carry on watching from where they left off on another TV with a Sky Q Mini Box or on a tablet or mobile device.

In order to access recordings via the Sky Q mobile app, customers will need to have the this multiscreen subscription. And, if customers want to watch their recordings outside the house, they’ll need to download / side-load them first.

Why are we seeing these changes from Sky?

Sky has said that it is committed to giving customers innovative new ways to watch more of the best TV.

Ann-Marie MacKay, Director of Products and Customer Growth at Sky, said: “We know Sky Q customers love the flexibility of watching TV on their terms. The new Sky Q mobile app will give them even more freedom to watch their recordings, access Top Picks, and stream live and On Demand TV when they’re out and about.

“So if it’s The Night Of box set, live Premier League or Sky original The Young Pope, Sky Q customers can now look forward to their daily commute or long car journey, while they catch up on the latest and best TV from Sky.”

Deals on Sky TV

If you’re not a current Sky TV customer, and you are looking to sign up, there are some good deals available at the moment.

For example, Sky’s Original TV bundle with Sky Box Sets and HD, which normally costs €44.50 per month, is reduced to €25 per month for the first 12 months. This represents a saving of €234 per year and the offer is available to anyone signing up between now and 10 November.

If you are a Sky customer but don’t currently have a Sky Q box, you can get a new Sky Q 1TB or 2TB box to access Sky Q without changing your TV Bundle. You can also get the Sky Q Multiscreen service for €16 extra a month, the same offer that applies to new customers.

There will be an installation cost for anyone getting a Sky Q box - this cost ranges from €20 to €179 depending on which box and package you choose.

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