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Sky Q launches Ultra HD, with Premier League, Formula 1, movies, documentaries and drama

124 live Premier League games will be available in Ultra HD, as well as the world premiere of Bond film Spectre.

Sky has announced it is launching Ireland’s most comprehensive Ultra HD service on 13 August for Sky Q Silver customers.

Customers will be able to enjoy 124 live Premier League games and every race from Formula 1 2017 in Ultra HD, which is sure to appeal to the sports fans out there.

Sky Sports ultra high definition menu

However, if you’re more into blockbusters than footballers, there’s something in there for you as well, with 70 movies also coming to Sky Cinema in Ultra HD.

This includes the world premiere of Bond film Spectre, Leonardo di Caprio’s Oscar-winning turn in The Revenant, and one of last year’s biggest movies, The Martian.

Sky Cinema ultra high definition menu

There will also be a selection of natural history and documentaries, including David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies, and drama fans can rejoice, with titles like The Blacklist also available. Sky has also hinted that there will be much more content added soon, including new Sky, HBO and Canal + drama The Young Pope starring Jude Law.

The picture quality in Ultra HD is seriously impressive - even within the first few minutes, you can really notice a difference between it and standard HD, let alone non-HD, content. With a big enough TV, you can get a truly cinematic experience, and this will be further helped along by the breadth of titles that are coming to Sky Cinema exclusively.

Needless to say, football fans will also see a huge difference in picture quality when the new Premier League season gets underway.

It’s worth bearing in mind that recording shows, movies or sporting events in Ultra HD could eat into the storage space on your Sky Q box. The box can hold around 350 hours of HD content, but an Ultra HD movie is around four times the size of its HD counterpart. So you’re probably looking at around 90 hours of Ultra HD content.

If you have a Sky Q Silver bundle, you’ll automatically get the available documentary and entertainment content in Ultra HD through your Sky Q Silver box. As usual, you would need a subscription to Sky Sports and Sky Cinema to watch this Ultra HD content, however Sky Store movies in Ultra HD can be rented by anyone with a Sky Q Silver box.

In order to watch these channels, you would need to have a compatible Ultra HD TV, and you will have to change some settings, basically to set the resolution to 2160p. If you don’t change this setting, you’ll be prompted to do so when you attempt to watch Ultra HD content.

In addition to the Ultra HD, Sky is also rolling out a couple of other changes for its Sky Q customers, including auto-download, auto-play and ‘watch next episode’ functionality.

With the recent launch of eir Sport and the announcement that Virgin Media is acquiring UTV Ireland, the battle of the TV giants is definitely hotting up, and these new additions from Sky will only add fuel to the fire.

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