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Sky reveal updated search function for Sky+ HD viewers

Sky+ HD viewers are set to benefit from new enhanced search function allowing users to find TV content more easily

Trying to remember a TV show title may soon be a problem of the past.

New innovative enhanced search from Sky means that viewers will be able to locate televisions shows even if they can’t remember the full name.

Included with the new Sky HD + box is the ability to locate specific TV television shows by actor, title, sport or event.

Sky+ HD customer’s will also be able use specific keywords that search through the sky television network and locate relevant material.

The new search capabilities provide real time results based on searches occurring across Ireland. Consequently Sky customers will have at their finger tips the most relevant and popular results.

Mark Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sky Ireland said, “With our enhanced Search we are making it even easier to find shows and movies you love, as well as discovering exciting new titles in an intuitive and faster way.”

Suggestions produced by the search functionality are created as soon as the customer starts typing. The technology endeavours to produce correct results 70% of the time after the viewer types in the first three characters.

Sky customers who choose to download the Sky+ HD app will also have access to these advanced search capabilities.

Once a program is located Sky+ HD viewers can watch programmes according to their own schedule. The search will produce results from both live TV and on Demand results.

Viewers can choose to record a show to watch later on or watch it immediately using On Demand viewing.

Sky customers will need to connect their Sky+ HD box to their home broadband and the software will update to include the new search functionality.

Viewers who do not connect their Sky+HD box to their broadband connection will only have basic search functionality, which requires searching by exact programme title.

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