Box sets available with Sky TV

Sky's Original TV bundle, with boxsets and HD reduced to €25

This offer runs until the 17th of November.

Sky has been releasing offer after offer over the past number of weeks, and the latest one - announced today - is on their Sky Original TV bundle with Sky Box Sets and HD.

This bundle, which normally costs €44.50 per month, is reduced to €25 per month for the first 12 months. This represents a saving of €234 per year.

The discount will be available to anyone signing up between now and 17 November - and as of 11 November, Sky is also offering €100 cashback on a PrePaid MasterCard for anyone who signs up.

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What features does the Sky Original TV bundle have?

The Original TV bundle includes 55 channels, on-demand and catch-up TV, and the ability to pause, rewind and record.

Customers can also access Sky Go, which allows them to watch TV on the move at no extra cost, and the Sky Q 1 TB box will come as standard. The Sky 1 TB box allows customers to record three shows and watch a fourth live, and store up to 500 hours of TV.

Sky Box Sets and HD

In addition, customers who choose this bundle will have access to 27 channels in HD, and over 300 Box Sets available on demand.

Sky adds new Box Sets every month, so you’ll never be short of something to watch.

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