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Sky's TV bundles now include the Sky Q 1TB box at no extra cost

This follows positive feedback from customers to Sky Q...

Sky has announced that, following what they describe as a ‘fantastic customer response’ to Sky Q, they are changing their packages to offer Sky Q to even more customers.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is Sky’s home entertainment system which launched earlier this year.

It allows customers to can record and store more than ever before, watch Sky all around the home and take recordings out and about.

The Sky 1 TB box allows customers to record three shows and watch a fourth live, and store up to 500 hours of TV, while with the Sky Q 2TB box, you can record four shows and watch a fifth live and store over 1,000 hours of TV.

New Sky TV customers

For new Sky customers, the Sky Q 1TB box will now be included at no extra cost with all Sky TV bundles, including the Original TV Bundle, which is available for €29.50 a month.

Consumers who go for this bundle will also have a one-off installation cost of €20 for the Sky Q 1TB box.

Sky is also introducing Sky Q Multiscreen. This will allow customers to watch Sky TV in another room with a Sky Q Mini Box, as well as to:

  • Take recordings from their main box onto a tablet or mobile device to watch offline in or out the home; and
  • Pause TV on their main TV and carry on watching from where they left off on another TV with a Sky Q Mini Box or on a tablet / mobile device.

Sky Q Multiscreen will cost €16 extra a month on top of the whatever TV package customers have.

It’s possible to add on extras like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or both to the Original bundle or Variety TV bundle for an additional cost.

You can also add on Sky Box Sets, which will give you access to over 350 Sky Boxsets for €10 extra per month.

The cost of the hardware and installation

The Sky Q 1 TB box will come as standard with all TV packages, while the Sky Q 2TB box will cost €80 with Sky Q Multiscreen, or €120 on a standalone basis.

In terms of install costs, these will vary from €20 - €179 depending on which box and package you choose.

Existing Sky customers

If you are an existing Sky customer, you can get Sky Q without changing your TV Bundle, simply by getting a new Sky Q 1TB or 2TB box.

You can also get the Sky Q Multiscreen service for €16 extra a month, the same offer that applies to new customers.

Again, the upfront install cost will vary from €20 - €179 depending on which box and package you choose.

There will be some cases where existing customers (or new customers) are unable to take a Sky Q box - for example if they live in certain apartment blocks. In these cases, Sky+ will remain available.

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