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Sky to launch Sky Q in New Year

New premium TV product from Sky set to ‘reimagine’ how we watch TV

Sky will launch Sky Q in the early part of 2016, with the TV provider saying it is set to transform the way that customers can watch TV.

The new home entertainment system will enable viewers to access even more programmes than before, with Sky Q products designed to connect wirelessly throughout a home.

The service enables a ‘fluid viewing’ experience as it will be possible to watch live TV, recordings or on demand programming in any room when using wireless Sky Q boxes or the Sky Q app for tablets.

The advantages of Sky Q

Sky customers will be able to pause TV on one screen to then watch in another room or on a different device – providing greater flexibility while recordings will be available in any location.

It will also be possible to watch different programming on five screens at the same time, while also recording shows from four other channels.

The new Sky Q boxes can provide a boost to Sky Broadband services in the home too, as each Sky Q Hub carries the capability to be transformed into a WiFi hotspot.

The premium TV product will feature a new TV guide, while Sky remotes are set to feature a touchpad to make navigating the available services even easier.

Programme cover art will be added to the listings, so that popular shows will be instantly recognisable.

Other features include an ability to access entertainment and the best of the internet through a TV, while using Apple’s AirPlay or Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly.

On demand music videos will be available via the Vevo app while streaming will be possible via any TV that is connected to either Sky Q or Sky Q mini, a service further enhanced with the use of WiFi hotspots.

Plans for the future

Sky Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch said the new Sky Q service will enable customers to “experience TV on their terms”.

He said viewers will have a wide array of entertainment at their fingertips before adding that Sky has high hopes for the launch.

A set of new features will be added to Sky Q throughout 2016, while the service will be Ultra HD ready at the time of launch in preparation for the introduction of Sky’s Ultra High Definition service later in the year.

When launched, this service will enable customers to view entertainment, sports and movies at a picture quality that is up to four times the detail of current HD.

Sky Q will be available across Ireland and the UK, with pricing set to be revealed closer to launch. 

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