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Sky unveils more TV for Sky Q ahead of launch

Move follows agreements with Barcroft Media, Funny Or Die and Electus Digital to provide content to Sky Q’s Online Video section.

Sky has revealed it has agreed deals with some of the most popular online video channels ahead of the launch of its new home entertainment system Sky Q.

Deals with Barcroft TV, Electus Digital and Funny Or Die will provide Sky customers with more TV content to view via Sky Q’s Online Video section.

Sky Q is set to enable customers to access all of their favourite shows both in and out of the home via a wireless connection.

Sky has called the process ‘Fluid Viewing’ as it enables viewers to pause TV in one room to pick it up on a TV in another, or to then view via a tablet in any location.

Providing Sky customers with more TV content

It means customers will be able to access more TV content than ever before, with the latest deals expanding on the entertainment package that has already been put together.

Sky’s Director of New Products Andrew Olson said the provider is keen to provide more popular short-form video options for its customers.

“Adding even more brilliant content to Sky Q’s curated Online Video section is exciting because it means customers will have even more stuff they love to watch, from blockbuster drama right through to the best of the web,” he explained.

What is set to be included?

Alongside well-known short-form content from brands including Funny Or Die and CollegeHumor will be other popular services such as YouTube and Vevo.

Funny Or Die features celebrity videos and political commentary, with Ryan Gosling and Samuel L. Jackson among those to have recently featured.

The deal with Barcroft TV will see 400 new and classic factual films added to Sky Q, divided into categories including Natural World, Adventure Sports and Heart Warmers.

Streaming partners for the project include GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue and WIRED under Conder Nast Entertainment, as well as GoPro, Kin Community, Whistle Sports and Red Bull Media House.

When it launches, Sky Q will be the first curated short-form video service offered by paid TV providers in Ireland.

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