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Student broadband: top tips on how to get the best deal

The college year is kicking off, so we've got some tips on the best student broadband deals out there...

It’s hard to believe the summer’s over, but some of the kids are already gone back-to-school, and soon lots of students across the country will be setting off for college.

Of all of the comforts that students are used to at home, broadband will no doubt be one they can’t live without when they move into their student accommodation.

Signing up to a broadband package might be a bit daunting if it’s the first time you’ve ever done it. So we’ve put together a quick checklist of what to watch out for.

Consider what’s important to you

When choosing a broadband package, you’ll need to consider what’s important for you, for example:

  • the speed of the broadband;
  • the price of the package;
  • contract length; and
  • any discount applicable.’s student broadband deal checker will allow you to see the deals available in the area you’ll be living in, and you can easily compare all of these things to see what deal works best for you.

Think about the broadband contract length

Recent research from shows that early exit fees on telecoms products can be quite prohibitive, so what should you do if you don’t want to sign up for a 12- or 18-month contract, only to have to cancel it when the academic year is over? Well, luckily there are some contract-free options available.

Virgin Media recently launched Freedom Broadband, which has speeds up to 240Mb and costs €50 per month. This bundle also comes with free local and national fixed landline calls and 400 anytime minutes per month to fixed landline numbers in 22 international destinations, which could come in handy.

Magnet also offers a contract-free service. Their Fatpipe Fibre broadband starts at €41.99 per month for speeds up to 24Mb.

These packages allow you to simply cancel with a 30-day notice period, and they could save you around €100 when compared to a 12-month contract, as you’ll only need to pay for the amount of months you need the service - which could be the academic year, rather than a full calendar year.

Both packages also offer unlimited broadband.

Do you want unlimited broadband?

Speaking of unlimited broadband, If you’re going to be living in shared accommodation, it would definitely be worth considering this, as it will mean that everyone can use as much broadband as they need, without effecting the monthly bill.

Not only does it prevent nasty surprises on bill day, but unlimited broadband also makes it easy to budget, as the price is the same month-to-month.

Should you add on a TV or phone deal?

If you’re considering a TV package or a home phone, think about bundling these with your broadband.

It’s often possible to make significant savings by getting two or three products from the same provider.

Need a student broadband deal? See what packages are available in your area