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The Virgin Media Phone app is being discontinued

After 31 August, the app will no longer be available.

Virgin Media has informed customers that, from 31 August, its Virgin Media Phone app will no longer be available.

The app allowed customers to use their home phone minutes on their mobile phone, once calls were made through the app. This meant they could use their home phone minutes while out and about, or when they were abroad.

Following the announcement, disappointed customers took to message boards to ask Virgin Media about the rationale for the removal. And, while Virgin Media said they would ensure the various teams knew about that people were disappointed, they stressed the app is still being discontinued on the 31st.

However, they have reassured customers that there are many other inclusives available with Virgin Media plans, such as free servicing and repair in the event of a fault that is related to Virgin Media’s network or equipment.

What can I do if I used the app abroad?

Since June 15th 2017, ‘Roam like at home’ rules are now in place throughout the EU, which could be a help for people who used the Virgin Media Phone app to call home from abroad.

It’s important to note, however, that if you travel further afield, you could be subject to hefty roaming charges, so make sure you check before you go.

There are also loads of apps - like WhatsApp or Viber - which allow you to call your contacts using 4g or WiFi, so these could come in handy if you’re used to using the app for calls when you’re out and about.

More information is available on the Virgin Media website