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There is now 20% off Sky TV for 12 months

This offer runs until 9 February.

The offers keep on coming this January, and today Sky has announced more deals for new customers.

There is now 20% off Sky TV if you sign up by 9 February.

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Sky’s Original TV bundle

The Sky Original TV Bundle, is now reduced to €23.60 per month, saving you €70 in the year.

This bundle comes with:

  • 55 channels;
  • on-demand TV;
  • the ability to pause, rewind and record;
  • access to Sky Go, so you can watch TV on the move; and
  • the Sky Q box with 1TB of storage.

Sky’s Variety TV bundle

The Sky Variety TV bundle has even more channels than the Original bundle, with 103 to choose from.

In addition, it also has all of the other benefits of the Original bundle, like the Sky Q box, and the ability to pause, rewind and record.

This bundle is currently reduced to €31.20 per month for 12 months, saving you €93.60 over the year.

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