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Thierry Henry travels back in time as part of Sky Sports campaign

Sky Sports sent Thierry Henry back in time through a series of iconic Premier League moments - including Roy Keane at Highbury

As part of a new advertising campaign by Sky Sports, Thierry Henry travels back in time through 23 years of the Premier League.

Viewers can see the two-time Premier League winner taken back to a series of iconic moments to prove that the Premier League is the best league in the world.

These 13 defining moments start in 1993 with Henry joining the celebrations of Brian Kidd and Sir Alex Ferguson with a late win over Sheffield Wednesday, and brings viewers right through history, ending with him watching from the gantry as Chelsea lift the Premier League trophy at Stamford Bridge at the end of the most recent season.


“That is why my friends, this is the best league in the world”

Posted by Sky Sports on Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sky Sports analyst Henry, who scored 228 goals in 377 games for Arsenal, said: “Both as a player and now working for Sky Sports, I know what makes the Premier League the best league in the world and this advert helps explain why. It was a fascinating process to be part of, very technical with the effects used to take me back to those memorable moments.

“Every detail was accounted for, the advertising boards, the old kits, the old ball from Cantona’s goal against Sunderland. Sky Sports has been the home of this history from the start and I’m looking forward to seeing more great moments this season.”

Gary Hughes, Head of Football at Sky Sports, said: “Sky Sports is synonymous with the Premier League, we have been there from the beginning and brought viewers countless unforgettable moments from the greatest league in the world. Thierry going back and celebrating a few of those special moments will only make everyone more excited for the season ahead.”

Sky Sports will show 116 games from the 2015-16 Barclays Premier League, 112 matches from the Sky Bet Football League, action from the Capital One Cup and over 30 games in the Scottish Professional Football League.

With the final matches of qualifying for UEFA Euro 2016 also taking place, as well as exclusively live coverage of Major League Soccer in the USA and the Dutch Eredivisie, the new season promises to be a celebration of football on Sky Sports.

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