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UPC announce introduction of Radio Nova to its line up

Radio Nova set to bolster UPC’s digital TV platform with new radio partnership

Radio Nova has this week been announced as the latest addition to UPC’s digital radio line-up, featuring on UPC channel 937.

A wide range of artists can be found on the station, with everyone from Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and the Kings of Leon playing regularly on the airwaves.

David Kent, Content Manager at UPC, was particularly excited about the announcement and what it means for UPC’s brand identity.

“This is another example of UPC supporting Irish indigenous channels and our commitment to continue to promote everything that is Irish, such as Radio Nova. UPC customers can be assured that this is another move to expand our range of content and generate more listening hours to our customers’ menu.”

Kevin Brannigan, CEO of Radio Nova added: “Nova offers an incredible catalogue of music, created by people who know what makes good radio work and delivered by a fantastic mix of presenters.”

Dublin city, county and surrounding areas including Meath, Wicklow and Kildare are covered by the station’s reach, with key demographics such as those in the 15-34 age bracket being a particular target.

The inclusion of Radio Nova cements UPC’s commitment to providing a comprehensive digital radio line up as part of their digital TV packages.

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