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UPC continue their positive start to 2013

UPC has had quite an impact on the digital TV and broadband market this week after unveiling the new Horizon TV service

An impressive total of 9,000 new subscriptions were added across a range of services including TV, phone and fibre-powered broadband.

This figure compares favourably with the total number of subscriptions added during the same period last year, representing an 8% rise.

Carol Grennan, Chief Financial Officer of UPC Ireland, was notably bullish about the results and what they convey about the power which the company now enjoys:

“The high popularity of our services has delivered another strong quarter where we’re using the sheer power of our network to provide great experiences for our customers, many of whom are also choosing to order more services from us.

“UPC is the only company in Ireland offering 150Mbps access to over 40% of Irish homes and this is also strongly supporting Ireland’s progress in meeting its EU digital agenda targets.”

The broadband, home phone and digital TV provider also achieved a notable landmark of gaining over 21 million views of On Demand TV. The achievement held particular significance as it came on the first anniversary of the service’s introduction.

From a wider perspective, more than 30 jobs have been created at UPC Ireland’s Limerick National Contact Centre.

The innovation which UPC Ireland are committed to also shows little sign of stopping. This year has seen the provider introduce a free Horizon TV App and Horizon TV Online service to both TV and Broadband customers throughout the country.

Carol Grennan was adamant that such innovation and ambition will continue to remain at the centre of the company’s plans.

“We will keep product innovation and great customer service at the top of our agenda,” she stated.

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