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UPC deliver early Christmas present with introduction of children’s channel Cartoonito

TCM also introduce +1 channel as part of UPC offering

UPC customers are due to receive a Christmas treat after the leading entertainment provider announced the addition of children’s channel Cartoonito to their overall package.

The channel is aimed at children who are of pre-school age and it aims to provide a mixture of both fun and educational shows that encourage children to explore and play.

UPC is doing its best to boost its TV entertainment offerings and the new channel – alongside sister channels Cartoon Network and Boomerang – will aim to do just that.

Shane Loughrey Grant, UPC Content Delivery Manager, acknowledged the role of children as consumers when discussing the decision to offer Cartoonito.

“Bringing Cartoonito to UPC means we can now offer younger viewers even more fun, educational and entertaining programmes and it will no doubt be a hit, especially coming up to Christmas,” suggested Loughrey Grant.

Pre-schoolers can enjoy classics such as Fireman Sam and Bananas in Pyjamas, as well as new favourites such as LazyTown, Chloe’s Closet and Doozers.

Cartoonito is being added to UPC’s TV Max package on UPC 618 to enhance the level of UPC TV channels that are available.

Six animated characters – Cartoonitos – introduce programming on the channel which broadcasts daily between 4am and 8pm with specific day parted programming to reflect the lives of children and their parents.

Movie channel TCM, which features a mix of Hollywood classics, contemporary favourites and cinematic series will also debut a one hour catch-up channel, TCM +1.

This will give UPC viewers the chance to ensure they don’t miss any of the shows they love during the festive season.

UPC launched the Horizon package several months ago and more than 30,000 new subscribers have signed up to the service since.

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