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UPC exceed 1m subscribers in Ireland

11% increase in subscriptions to UPC Ireland in the last year

The impressive growth of UPC Ireland, the broadband and digital TV company, was underlined by the news that its subscriptions now number over one million.

Providing services such as high speed broadband, home phone and digital TV throughout Ireland, UPC has seen a 11% increase in subscriptions in the past year.

At the end of last year the company had 988,700 customers, and the one million landmark was reached in mid-February, 2013.

UPC Ireland digital TV customers now number 383,200. The company’s popular on demand service was launched in May of last year, with figures showing that the service has had in excess of 14 million views in an eight month period.

Over 304,000 households in Ireland are supplied with UPC’s broadband service, with a notable 18% on year growth.

The company has invested heavily, over €500 million, in creating its fibre network in Ireland, which has helped to raise speeds up to 150 Mbps.

In 2012, a change to speeds of 50Mbps was made for customers taking advantage of UPC’s entry level package. Around 238,000 customers are now using the company’s phone services, which is almost as twice as many as a year ago, as growth has increased by 46%.

Dana Strong, UPC’s chief executive, said that the figures were proof of the strength of UPC’s business model.

Ms. Strong said that her company’s growth was helped by UPC’s innovative products being of high quality and available at a reasonable price. She also added that independent research revealed UPC customers were “more satisfied” with their service than customers with other companies.

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