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UPC expands its operations in Limerick

UPC makes significant investment in its customer contact and administration headquarters in Limerick

Michael Noonan, Minister for Finance, recently opened the redeveloped UPC facilities at their national customer contact and administration headquarters, which are situated in Limerick, at the Enterprise Development Park on Roxboro Road.

At the centre, where 400 people work, the company has spent some €600,000 on new expansion and renovation work.

Minister Noonan said that UPC were “one of Ireland’s leading investment partners”, and he added that he was delighted at seeing the company’s growth in Limerick, praising the company for its strong contribution to the economic regeneration all over the city.

UPC Ireland are seen by Minister Noonan as an “innovator in digital communications”, and he said that the company’s growth throughout the country was also resulting in important investments and new jobs being created in places such as Limerick.

Dana Strong, UPC Ireland CEO, said that Limerick was playing an “essential role” in the company’s success, and said it would continue to do so. This will particularly be the case when the company creates more innovations and a wider presence in the country.

Improvements in both quality of service and staff in Roxboro, Dana Strong added, are of major importance for UPC Ireland, with Limerick underpinning the company’s service capability and competitiveness throughout Ireland.

UPC now has nearly 1 million individual subscriptions for its various services, which range from superfast broadband, phone services and On-Demand TV.

Ms. Strong went on to add that her company was not only investing in employment in Limerick on a large scale, but that it also aimed to support digital inclusion and economic growth in the city, by providing superfast broadband for homes and businesses.

At present, some 32,000 homes in Limerick can receive On Demand TV and fibre powered broadband.

Dana Strong says that this is made possible by her company’s €500 million investment in a fibre powered network stretching nationwide.

In excess of 100 businesses and organisations are already taking advantage of the company’s superfast broadband services in the Limerick area, which Ms. Strong says is helping companies to “maximise their potential online.” She also added that Limerick would become more attractive to multinationals with an advanced communications infrastructure in place.

The company currently has 800 employees in Ireland, plus 700 contractors.

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