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UPC first telecommunications provider to be ‘Guaranteed Irish’

UPC gains recognition for support of Irish economy and infrastructure

UPC has become Ireland’s first telecommunications provider to receive the ‘Guaranteed Irish’ mark of approval.

In recognition of UPC’s services to Ireland, including major investment and support for local communities, the company has been granted membership.

The move is unparalleled and highlights the work that UPC has put in to contribute both socially and economically to the country.

‘Guaranteed Irish’ is one of Ireland’s most trusted and recognised symbols and works to support and promote Irish products from their 300 member companies.

UPC has now been operating for 43 years and the latest move is an acknowledgment of its role as a major employer and investor.

The company prides itself on its ability to bring new services to Irish customers and the CEO of UPC Ireland, Magnus Ternsjö, said UPC was “immensely proud” to be accepted into the ‘Guaranteed Irish’ sphere.

“Through our investments and our services, UPC is one of Ireland’s biggest supporters here at home and also internationally,” he said.

“Through our investment of over half a billion euro in our Irish fibre power network, we’re the fastest growing and most dynamic provider of TV entertainment, superfast broadband and communication services to businesses and consumers in Ireland.”

Those services include UPC digital TV, with packages also including new superfast broadband as standard and an extensive phone network.

The company employs more than 1,500 people throughout the organisation and was the first provider to launch services such as Setanta Sports and also introduce Irish TV player services as an On Demand option.

“As consumers are aware of the importance of buying Irish, we’re delighted to be recognised for being Guaranteed Irish, as UPC supports and promotes all things Irish across our organisation,” added Mr. Ternsjö.

UPC has worked with many other companies in Ireland to develop its services, both on a regional and countrywide level.

This has led to the company being the only one to offer the Oireachtas TV channel in Ireland, while support is given to Cork Community TV.

The company is also leading the broadband market at present thanks to its fibre powered network and is a key contributor to Ireland placing so highly in the International league tables.

UPC’s digital TV package – named Horizon TV – has seen more than 30,000 people sign up for its services in the  five months since its launch.

The package aims to bring an extraordinary experience to customers and being named ‘Guaranteed Irish’ is just another sign of success.

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