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UPC Ireland launches dedicated Oireachtas TV channel

Building on the success of previous broadcasts UPC is helping to increase numbers of Oireachtas viewers

UPC Ireland has recently launched the Oireachtas TV channel as a dedicated service, focusing solely on the workings of the different chambers and committees, making it Ireland’s first fully-fledged, dedicated parliamentary channel.

The programming shows the proceedings of Leinster House across the nation and is steadily growing in audience numbers.

UPC, a leading super-fast broadband, phone and digital TV provider in Ireland, has helped to drive a 20% increase in viewership of digital TV customers of Oireachtas events, since starting the broadcasts as a pilot in 2011.

Ceann Comhairle, Sean Barrett, TD said “This channel ensures the citizens we serve can see for themselves and judge for themselves, first hand and unfiltered, the performance of their parliament and parliamentarians.

The Oireachtas TV channel relays the work of the Dáil, Seanad and Committees, allowing public access to the parliamentary workings, helping to improve Irish digital TV customers’ understanding and perception of the work being undertaken.

Around 55% of the digital TV provider’s subscribers regularly tune in to the broadcasts.

Magnus Ternsjö, CEO of the digital TV provider UPC Ireland, congratulated the Ceann Comhairle, for his foresight in promoting Oireachtas TV, “Providing a dedicated channel for the public to access and follow Oireachtas proceedings is a great way of linking citizens with local and national democracy through the medium of television.”

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