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UPC Ireland marks EU Code Week 2014 by unveiling 10 New CoderDojos

Volunteer-led coding clubs for young people to be set up in coming year

UPC Ireland, in partnership with CoderDojo, has announced plans to create ten new CoderDojo clubs across the country in the coming 12 months.

UPC’s first coding club D4 CoderDojo was launched in June this year, with the aim of helping young people, some as young as six, to learn about coding with the use of special resources.

As part of EU Code Week, UPC Ireland will host a special session in D4 Dojo on 11 October, with the assistance of some younger coders who have already seen how it all works.

One such youngster, Noah Scolard, aged ten, will help mentor 60 children through his bespoke scratch programme to help more children follow in his footsteps.

Mary Moloney, global CEO of CoderDojo, described coding knowledge and knowhow as an “important skill for young people, and one which they can use in life”.

“Being able to code is almost like having a superpower and EU Code Week offers us the opportunity to make coding more visible not only amongst the children themselves, but also among parents, teachers, people in technology and the general public,” she said.

Grainne McLaughlin, VP Legal Services at UPC Ireland added; “UPC is extremely proud to be expanding our partnership with CoderDojo.

“Our goal is to enable CoderDojo to reach more and more young people, giving them the opportunity to learn vital coding skills that will help them become the next generation of creators.

“Peer mentoring is also key to the success of Dojos as young mentors are best placed to show other children their age the value and fun of coding!”

UPC Ireland is involved with the Davos Declaration on the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, an initiative from the European Commission to tackle worker shortages in the digital sector.

Of an estimated shortfall of 900,000 positions across Europe, some 7,000 are in Ireland, showcasing the importance of EU Code Week (11-17 October) to raise awareness.

The first EU Code Week took place last year and featured 300 events involving more than 10,000 people across Europe.

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