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UPC launches Horizon Buzz App

UPC customers can record TV via Facebook with new app

UPC has launched its new Horizon Buzz App, enabling customers to record all of their favourite shows through the medium of Facebook.

UPC customers will never need to leave the social networking site to record shows, provided that they have UPC’s Horizon TV or a UPC Digital TV package.

UPC customers can view what popular shows are trending with the Horizon Buzz App, including those which are recorded most via the UPC Electronic Programme Guide.

The latest blockbusters will also be available, meaning UPC customers will have no reason to miss any of the TV they want to watch.

Essentially it means they can record and talk about their favourite shows socially while discovering new content along the way.

Listings of the most popular content will be displayed on the top trending list – in a similar way to that of Twitter – so UPC customers can be aware of what is on in the week ahead.

UPC advertises the app as a fully-fledged social network for television that helps to explore the possibilities available with Horizon TV.


How it works

UPC have taken a simplistic approach to the usability of the app, in order to suit every need. Within the app, and once signed in to a “My UPC” account, there is a search function for the users to find their desired programme on the UPC platform.

It is then only a matter of the click of a button before the users programme is set to record remotely.

It is then possible to like, comment and share the programme chosen with friends also using the app. Users can also invite their Facebook friends to use the app.


Horizon buzz app on television

Online usage habits

Georgina Bowes, Digital General Manager of UPC Ireland, said the company was committed to providing “innovative and exciting products” to the market.

“The Horizon Buzz App is yet another example of how we’re doing just that,” she explained. “We recognise that social media is a huge part of our customer’s lives and we set out to deliver a product that would complement their online usage habits.”

She added that TV habits are “shifting” and suggested that customers “want to be part of the action” that they are watching.

“The Horizon Buzz App bridges the gap between the living room and the online world, ensuring that UPC customers are always involved in the conversation,” added Ms Bowes.

The latest launch follows those of the Horizon Phone App and Horizon Wi-Free, designed to help reduce customers’ phone bills.

The latter enables Horizon TV customers to connect their tablets and smartphones to Wi-Fi networks belonging to others with the same service – without impacting on their network connection.

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