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UPC unveils On Demand Christmas movie lineup

Mixture of family favourites and action hits set to please everyone

UPC have announced their On Demand TV schedule for Christmas with something to please almost everyone this festive season.

For example, Man of Steel and The Great Gatsby feature among the exciting new UPC movies that are set to be made available to customers looking for some genuine action this Christmas.

However, if UPC customers are looking to gather relatives and simply share the sofa then there are a host of family movies on offer.

The comprehensive movie offerings available include a mixture of some old favourites as well as a few new and exciting releases.

For example, Home Alone is seen by many as the ultimate Christmas film but it might also be worth checking out a more modern classic in the shape of Despicable Me 2.

In addition to the separate sport and dramas that are available, UPC is attempting to cover all bases during this festive season with a strong selection of movies to choose from On Demand.

So, for the thrill-seekers with the latest action offerings on their minds or families looking for a few household favourites, UPC expect that On Demand customers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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