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UPC visits schools in Ireland to promote safety online

As part of Safer Internet Day 2013 representatives from UPC will be doing their part to raise awareness about online safety

On February 5th, 2013, twenty volunteers will be visiting schools across Ireland to educate classes on online safety as part of UPC’s Safer Internet Day 2013.

This is the 10 year anniversary of this event, and it follows a broader digital inclusion initiative including Internet Buttons and Magic Desktop, both tools designed to teach children about the internet and computers in a safe environment.

Safer Internet Day teaches kids in a fun, engaging and interactive manner and is aimed at raising awareness of online safety issues.

Children this year will receive e-safety packs that outline the dangers of the internet and ways to act in a safe manner. UPC has handed out over 100,000 packs across Ireland over the past 5 years.

Anna-Maria Barry, public relations manager UPC Ireland, understands the importance of an integrated strategy to teach and educate online safety. This means connecting with not only children, but parents and teachers as well.

“The internet is a big part of most children’s lives today, so it is extremely important that we educate our children, teachers and parents about the benefits and the dangers of the web to ensure they can act responsibly online.”

Liberty Global, as parent company to UPC, has also produced an animated video in partnership with Insafe and the European Commission aimed at providing tips for parents to communicate the importance of online safety with their children.

Parents wishing to view the video with their children can so through upc.ie. It will also be shown on UPC channel 100 throughout February.

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