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Viatel enhances its services in Ireland

€1.5 million investment for upgrade to Viatel networks

Telecommunications company Viatel, part of the Digiweb Group, has recently announced that they are preparing for a major upgrade of their network throughout Ireland.

Having been initiated in the early months of 2014, this improvement involves increasing the footprint of Viatel by approximately one thousand five hundred kilometres; including all major cities and relevant metropolitan areas. Locations such as Dublin, Limerick, Waterford and Galway will be included in this advancement.

Viatel Chief Operating Officer Colm Piercy reflected the sentiment that this move is “a clear response by the company to continue our investment programme across all the markets that we operate in.”

He went on to further observe that this upgrade will have pronounced benefits not only for existing Irish customers, but for any individuals abroad that utilise the services of Viatel to power their Irish-connected websites.

With an ever-increasing need for viable and reliable solutions to connectivity issues, Mr. Piercy stated that the increased bandwidth will offer beneficial results. Such a progression will also allow for more flexibility in terms of customer service and support.

Viatel is an enterprise that is part of a larger group that is known as Digiweb. This corporation offers ICT and communications solutions for carrier, public, enterprise and wholesale consumers throughout Europe.

This company boasts a selection of data solutions, VoIP offers and cloud-based services to the European infrastructure. Their core operations involve a fibre optic capability that connects no less than eight countries as well as over one hundred and twenty dedicated data centres.

Currently, Viatel has data hubs located in Paris, Brussels, London and Dublin. This is in addition to over eight thousand kilometres of physical fibre optic cables which are high capacity and can offer multiple levels of customer service.

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