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Virgin Media awarded fastest broadband and in-home WiFi network by Ookla

Its speeds were more than twice that of competitors.

Hot on the heels of six wins at the Awards last week, Virgin Media has today been named Ireland’s fastest broadband provider for the third year in a row by Ookla.

The speed test provider has also awarded them with the title of Ireland’s fastest In-Home WiFi network.

Speeds of up to 360Mbps available from Virgin Media

Virgin Media currently offers speeds of up to 360Mbps, with a 240Mbps connection also available on some plans.

And, while there’s been a lot of talk about 1,000Mbps connections over the past while, Ookla’s data shows that, on average, Virgin Media is still more then twice as fast as the nearest provider.

Comparing hundreds of thousands of tests carried out by consumers themselves, Ookla studied the highest average speeds delivered by all the major internet service providers between April and September 2017.

Of these, Virgin’s came out with speeds of 209.27Mbps, followed by eir (81.28 Mbps), Vodafone (66.99 Mbps) and Sky (62.74 Mbps).

The Virgin Media Hub and the Red House Ninjas

Virgin Media’s Hub, which was rolled out last year, has come out ahead of rivals in testing, and Virgin Media’s own customers were four times more likely to say they’d recommend it to a friend, when compared to its predecessor.

This Hub has undoubtedly contributed to Virgin Media’s strong performance over in-home WiFi, too - Ookla found that Virgin Media’s In-Home WiFi provided Virgin’s customers with download speeds of more than double its rivals.

If you’re a Virgin Media customer and don’t have the hub yet, it would be worth contacting them to see if you can get an upgrade.

Another thing that could help you make the most of your home broadband would be a visit from the Red House Ninjas - Virgin Media’s technicians. They can visit customers’ homes in order to:

  • fine-tune the set-up of their broadband and TV,
  • connect all devices,
  • upgrade equipment, and
  • sort any issues.

“Delivering the fastest speeds in Ireland directly to people’s homes”

Speaking at the announcement of the award earlier today, Paul Higgins - Virgin Media’s Director of Consumer - said: “Unlike most of our competitors, Virgin Media owns its entire network which means we aren’t reliant on corroding copper wires to get the internet from the street into your home. We use advanced DOCSIS 3 cable technology, meaning we can deliver the fastest speeds in Ireland directly to people’s homes.”

He added: “The Virgin Media Hub is rather special and receiving this recognition by Ookla is hugely rewarding. Customers can expect to achieve the best In-Home WiFi and enjoy more connected entertainment including video, movies and gaming.”

He also said that Virgin Media is “continuing to invest substantially” in their network through expansion and upgrades.

The full results of the speed test can be viewed:

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