White Virgin Media logo on a red background

Virgin Media is rolling out lots of new features for customers this year

The new additions will start coming on-stream in the next few months

Just this morning, Virgin Media announced it has been named the fastest broadband provider in Ireland for the second year running.

And, in addition to this news, the company also teased some new features that it will be rolling out for its customers later this year.

Red House from Virgin Media

Firstly, Virgin Media are rolling out what they call ‘Red House’, which will aim to provide customers with the best in-home entertainment experience on the market.

This will give its customers access to the ‘Red House Ninjas’, who will be available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm for house visits.

The visits will be 30 minutes longer than current technical team house calls and the team will be able to help customers with all of their technical queries and do things like:

  • test the WiFi signal in each room and make changes to the modem to improve performance in specific areas of the house;
  • talk customers through the TV service and how to make the most of it;
  • check wiring and modem performance.

The visits will be totally guided by the customer, so each one will be different and the team will be able to answer any questions they have about any aspect of the service.

In a world where customer service is increasingly important, this would seem to be a positive move towards an improved customer experience.

The Virgin Media ‘Telly Tablet’

In the second half of the year, Virgin Media will be introducing what they currently call the ‘telly tablet’.

Driven by customer feedback and the popularity of multi-room functionality, Virgin Media are bringing out their own 14-inch tablet.

This will give customers the mobility and flexibility to watch TV anywhere in their home and will further enhance the multi-room experience for customers.

Roll out to even more locations

As of this year, Virgin Media has passed 850,000 homes and businesses.

The company plans to expand to over 1 million homes and businesses by 2020 and says it is seeing huge demand in the areas where it has already rolled out.

Take a look at Virgin Media’s plans