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Virgin Media lets viewers fly with innovative 360 TV ad

Ad on Apple TV from advertising agency Irish International BBDO

Virgin Media has unveiled a pioneering new TV advertisement in 360 degree via the Apple TV platform.

The 360 TV ad means viewers can immerse themselves in the experience of flying a jet aircraft, as the ad puts them in the pilot’s seat and changes as they move.

Developed by Irish International BBDO, the 30 second ad uses US virtual reality firm Littlstar’s Apple TV app and is the first advertising content of its kind to be unveiled on the Apple TV platform.

The Virgin Media ad is designed to maximise audience engagement as they can react as they see something on screen.

Viewers can swipe their mobile device or mouse to be thrown into what it’s like to navigate an aeroplane, while the 360 TV ad will also be available via virtual reality headsets, including Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Alternatively, they can access it via Apple TV using the remote control on the Littlstar app.

An outstanding achievement

Virgin Media Ireland Online Media Manager Catriona Devlin labelled the 360TV ad as an “outstanding achievement by Irish International BBDO.

“We have worked with the agency on numerous campaigns and their creativity and expertise never ceases to amaze us,” she said.

“We promised we would bring magic to our customers and this ad brings that promise to life.”

She added that the 360 degree video enables the user to see what 360Mb broadband “feels like in a visually innovative way”, in an advert that is both “unique and compelling”.

The 360 TV ad is part of wider efforts to accompany the launch of Virgin Media’s ultrafast 360Mb broadband which is available to nearly 750,000 homes across Ireland.

The campaign is due to run across television, radio, press and online in the coming weeks. 

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