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Virgin Media offer increased savings on triple play bundles.

New changes include 12 month contracts and extended introductory discounts on Virgin Media broadband, phone & TV bundles.

Virgin Media has introduced a number of changes to its triple play bundles, which add up to increased savings for new Virgin Media customers.

Reduced Contracts

New customers to Virgin Media’s triple play bundles will no longer be required to sign up for 18 month contracts, with 12 month contracts now available for all broadband, phone & TV bundles.

Extended Introductory Discounts

Virgin Media’s introductory discount for new customers have been increased in duration from 4 months to 6 months, increasing savings for new customers to €240 in the first year.

Each bundle also includes the new Virgin Media Hub , which has an additional antenna to facilitate a better Wifi connection.

Broadband, Phone & TV Bundles

These changes apply to the following Virgin Media triple play bundles:

Virgin Media offer customers the fastest widely available broadband with download speeds up to 240Mb and 360Mb on offer. Both 240Mb and 360Mb packages can be combined with different phone and TV packages.

Customers can choose between the Anytime World phone service, which boasts unlimited free calls to Irish landlines and 400 minutes to international landlines across 22 countries, or the more advanced Mobile World package, with additional free calls to Irish mobiles.

Customers who choose Virgin Media’s introductory TV package, Horizon TV , will have access to over 50 channels, 17 of which are in HD. This package includes all of Virgin Media’s additional TV features, such as Horizon Go, Catch Up TV, or On Demand TV.

The provider’s more expansive TV package, Horizon Max TV , offers 110 channels, 25 of which are in HD, with the same additional features.

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