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Virgin Media recognised as the fastest broadband network

New broadband speed test data from Ookla supports Virgin Media’s claim to having the fastest broadband network in Ireland

Independent broadband speed tests has indicated that Virgin Media may have the fastest broadband network in Ireland.

Measurement institute Ookla analysed more than one million speed tests by Irish internet users across the four main providers, eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone – between July & December 2015.   

The Ookla’s Speedtest and its results are recognised globally as the standard for testing broadband speeds and is done by consumers themselves.

The average broadband download speed offered by Virgin Media during the testing period across its fibre broadband network was 123.65 Mbps – nearly double that of its nearest competitor eir’s average of 63.72Mbps.

Vodafone and Sky came in third and fourth with speeds of 53.11Mpbs and 47.79Mpbs.

Virgin Media also came out on top for upload speeds, clocking an average 24.51Mbps during the same period.

At the beginning of January, Virgin Media introduced a new top line speed of 360 Mbps, which is available to around 750,000 homes across Ireland.

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Recognising the importance of broadband speeds

Bill Blake, Virgin Media’s Head of Commercial and Products said the findings from Ookla confirm that Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband in Ireland.

“Broadband device usage is doubling every three years in Ireland and the actual broadband speeds delivered by providers is becoming increasingly important,” he said.

Blake highlighted a range of factors that can influence broadband speeds, including the type of subscription, WiFi capabilities, the type of device, and the network and cables being used.

“The importance of quality high speed broadband in the home is immeasurable,” he added.

Virgin Media maximizes its network to boost connections for customers to meet their requirements, adding that the average home now has 7.4 connected devices including tablets, smartphones, Smart TV’s and laptops.

The Ookla Speedtest showcases which Internet Service Providers are fastest by recording the highest performance broadband speeds achieved by each.

Around 50 million of the tests are completed on 40,000 internet service providers every month and Ookla bases its calculations on the highest performing top 10% of results.

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